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 Sieci LAN
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Pamięć DOM 256 MB PQI 19 mm
UbiquitiNetworks XtremeRange5 module - Atheros 600 mW w 5GHz
Mikrotik RouterBOARD 133C, 1 x LAN, 1 x MiniPCi, level 4
   Mikrotik 2.9.41 oraz v3.0beta6
   2007-03-20, 15:23:00

W dniu dzisiejszym ukazała się kolejna wersja systemu MikroTik oznaczona już numerem 2.9.41. Zmiany od poprzedniej wersji:
  • routing-test - fixed bugs introduced in 2.9.40: bgp routes were not removed; was possible to enter busy-loop;
  • fixed RADIUS rate attribute processing in wireless;
  • fixed RSTP protocol version number;
  • certificates - sometimes when importing CA certificate, certificate cache was reset. Fixed;
  • graphing - incorrect scale legend bugfix for large data amounts;
  • improved support for realtek 8169 chip (routerboard 44G)
  • user manager - added PayPal payment system;
  • user manager - voucher customization bugfix;
  • user manager - user signup bugfix;
Zmiany w wersji beta: What's new in v3.0beta6:
  • WinBox has ability to search in Tables;
  • RSTP bridge package is now merged in to system package;
  • routing-test package is renamed to routing;
  • console - fixed "" to have type str;
  • console - reverted change to export script sources in '{}' braces, such export was not 100% reversible;
  • hotspot - added option to specify any password for mac authentication;
  • added support for interface routes (without nexthop);
  • route deletion from route table now is much faster (important for full feed BGP);
  • added update-source option for BGP;
  • RIP is rewritten; added passive-interface option for RIP;
  • added /routing prefix-lists; they can be used for RIP filtering;
  • webproxy now supports SATA disks;
  • fixed bug - OS could not be installed on SATA disks without license;
  • added support for more network cards based on RTL8169 chip;
  • console - F5 or ^L key in commandline resets terminal and prints current input buffer (if it does not fit in one line);
  • console - fixed backslash whitespace sequence inside quoted string to expand to nothing, as in 2.9;
  • console - fixed completions and help while editing multiline commands;
  • console - prompt for continuation lines now shows open braces and quotes;
  • console - added 'as-value' option to print and monitor commands that suppresses normal output and returns array of properties instead;
  • console - 'get' command without 'value-name' returns array with all item properties;
  • console - fixed crash in fullscreen editor when adding empty at the end;
  • console - readded 2.9 style help;
  • made WRAP board rebooting work;
  • user manager - added Authorize.Net payments;
  • user manager - prices now stored as decimals;
  • user manager - increased active session count limit for license levels 4 and 5;
  • user manager - object removal confirmation;
  • user manager - CSV files now have header;
  • user manager - popup-blocker workaround for CSV;
  • user manager - close option for active sessions;
  • user manager - reset-counters option for routers;
  • user manager - public-host field for customers;
  • user manager - group field for users;
  • user manager - fixed time-zone bug;
  • new vrrp implementation
  • graphing - incorrect scale legend bugfix for large data amounts; Najnowsze pliki do pobrania w dziale: download

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